My 8-pin RGB connector on AX-350II is very tight / rusty ...

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28-03-2019, 12:04


My AX-350II's 8-pin DIN connector is very thigh. I believe it is because it is somewhat corroded, and there is too much friction because of some rust accumulation (I've examined the connector with a magnifying glass and there is nothing extra, broken pins etc. in it). I could replace it, but I'm having trouble sourcing A-type 8-pin DIN-connecors with a PCB mount (I guess these are phased out... most stuff uses something else these days).

Can these connector be lubricated with something, to make the corroded parts more slippery so that it will last more repeated insertions?

It seems it has been like this for quite some time, as the PCB had cracked around the solderspot for the casing of the connector. Already fixed that (re-soldered to the metal case of the AV unit), but the connector is so tight that it (or the PCB and mechanincally attached parts) flexes while insterting so much that the connector hits the casing, making it really difficult to insert it properly. Partially here is a design fault, since the connector is not supported at all from it's upper edge, only from the bottom on the PCB it is sitting.

Also, the plastic of the DIN connector is starting to become loose after some re-insertions. I've done it ~10 times now!

The connector works fine, if I can get it inserted properly!

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28-03-2019, 12:37

You could send Repair Bas a mail. He has loads of donor parts/machines. If it becomes impossible to get the required connector, consider choosing another connector and adapt your cable.

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28-03-2019, 14:19

Thanks, Alexey! I didn't search Alibaba yet and Google wasn't helpful. I think I found something trough eBay but lost it.

I was also thinking about asking Bas, if he didn't have this on stock he'd probably know where to order one...

I'll refrain from inserting the DIN connector (use composite perhaps) until I get the new ones =)

EDIT: Found some for even cheaper... actually need only a single one, but even considering that I think this is cheapest I could find, and I got 5 spare! Now that I think of it, the cassette connector is in similar shape and just happens to be same connector, although I think it only uses 5 pins....