What computer would you have ended up with if MSX were never released (in your country)?

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Van Manuel

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21-05-2019, 23:35

Hehe, funny, I bought my first PC (i.e. my first non-MSX computer) in 2000.... never ran Windows at home either Smile (Unfortunately, at work I wasn't able to avoid it.)

Van sdsnatcher73

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22-05-2019, 06:21

Great stories everyone. I also got a PC (well my dad got one for his company) but I ran OS/2 on it, and loved it. Back in that time (I was still in school studying technical computer science) I was using an Adaptec SCSI controller and a 9GB hard disk (bought of some guy from school for serious money) but that combination was so great (OS and hardware). I ran CorelDraw under OS/2 to create designs for the labels my dad printed (I designed and he printed all the Sunrise disk labels).

I still had my MSX (an A1ST) but at some point did sell that. Now I am back with MSX for a year or 2, and use a Mac for most of my personal computing besides a Linux server and a Windows 10 PC (that I RDP into from my Mac). I got an SNES for my Konami needs but also played games on the PC (dual boot into PC-DOS 7) and had a Gravis UltraSound and a SoundBlaster AWE to get some sound with those (I started with an Adlib though).

I now have too little space in my attic (saying I have too many MSX stuff would be SO wrong, right?).

Van Pencioner

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22-05-2019, 13:09

I worked on OS/2 - one of computers in university has a computer running it. Great OS, it is a pity that IBM abandoned it...

Van Poltergeist

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22-05-2019, 21:01

When we had to choose for a new computer (we had a TI 99/4a at that time) in 1986, I really wanted a Commodore 128D. Could you imagine: A Z80 processor for CP/M, fully (they said) C64 compatible, and a fast 8502 processor? But, as I had an uncle who was a Philips dealer, and my father had the final say in it, it became an MSX2 computer: the VG-8235

Van rderooy

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22-05-2019, 23:15

It seems we have something in common there. I did DOS on the PC, and a tiny bit of Desqview, followed by years of OS/2 (~1993-1999) and Linux (~1995-current). I was working at IBM at the time, so got plenty of exposure.

Van zPasi

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23-05-2019, 17:47

hamlet wrote:

I'm with MSX since I bought my "first Sony" in christmas time 1985. After selling my C64 way too cheap it was enought money left to buy that shiny HitBit at a local photographer store(!). For me this was like trading a Volkswagen Golf for a Honda CRX.

Someone actually moved from C-64 to MSX! I like that!

Van zPasi

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23-05-2019, 17:57

Pencioner wrote:

I worked on OS/2 - one of computers in university has a computer running it. Great OS, it is a pity that IBM abandoned it...

I think everyone else abandoned OS/2 before IBM did.

In 1990's there was a campaign in Finland - IBM gave free copies of OS/2 (with manual and all) to MikroPC (a local PC magazine) subscribers! I also had one. Good system, if you only got device drivers and software to actually use it to something. Sad...

Van rderooy

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23-05-2019, 18:16

Many thousands of "demo" (time limited) versions of OS/2 were shipped with various magazines, which could easily be upgraded to a full version simply by installing a ServicePak. The biggest problems were always RAM (most people did not have the 8MB you really needed as a realistic minimum, not the 4MB advertised), and device drivers.

Van tvalenca

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27-05-2019, 19:33

Well... If we didn't had MSX computers in Brazil I might had an ZX-81 clone or a MPF-II clone (which were itself a partial Apple II clone from Taiwan). Or I would end with my first PC, a 486.

Besides that, and brazilian's market reserve (a government policy which prohibited computer importations between 1975 and 1990) we had quite a few options of home computer clones when MSX computers hit our market in 1985: Zx81 and Spectrum's, Apple II's, TRS-80 model II,III and CoCo's... (we even had an Macintosh clone, which was removed from market without explanations)

Van Wlcracks

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28-05-2019, 18:26

We had P2000 at school, it was fun and i really wanted a computer too.
My father worked at Philips, so i could choose from P2000T or a VG8020 (/00).
He thought a P2000 looked more professional. My friends at school had all MSX, so i really wanted a MSX.
I had no monitor so it was always a fight within the family who could use the television.
Later i got the Philips (JVC) diskdrive, damn that was a great upgrade (also 1030 gulden damn).
Even later i got a second hand NMS8220. Some time later a 512kb external ram.
Later a second hand NMS8280, my brother got the 8220.
Great times.

The grass was always greener on the other side. I was always impressed by the C64 scene (still am), but i guess due to limited hardware i could be digged in deeper.

When the 16 bit came i got an Amiga 2000.

PC never really impressed me much. Still doesn't, too much hardware available so it will not get the time and attention to get deeper into, people only busy with upgrading, faster, more and better. Even today, needing 4gb to run a OS, come on what are we talking about...

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