Hi there, MSX peeps. I want to code in ASM and make programs.

Door Omargrafx

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27-05-2019, 06:38

Hi there, MSX peeps. I really want to start coding in ASM so that I can make programs on my MSX computer. Where do I start? Do you have any books on ASM programming? I'd prefer them in English, but Arabic books are okay too.

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Van hamlet

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27-05-2019, 07:07

Good place to start is a hidden page in our wiki, called "Assembler_for_Dummies_(Z80)"

Van dhau

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02-07-2019, 21:30

For MSX architecture you can read The MSX Red Book.

For a simple all-in-one assembler with nice examples and documentation, try asmsx. Or you may also try using glass or sjasm.

Grauw maintains an excellent MSX assembly page.

Van shram86

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03-07-2019, 18:43

Here's a hello world example:


I don't recommend sjasm, especially if you use linux, because it is prone to bugs. "tniasm" is what I use.

If you want to code for MSX2, give a thorough read to the technical handbook.

It's also not a bad idea to pick up a z80 textbook or two (I'm sure there are some written in Arabic). These two are good:
Z80 Assembly Language Programming
Programming the Z80

Bear in mind MSX/2 is a bit more robust, and therefore more complex than systems like the C64 or Gameboy. If you haven't coded in assembly before, those are easier places to start.

Van zPasi

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04-07-2019, 08:48

What kind of programs? A lot can also be done in C or even with BASIC compilers. But if you're going to make fast shooters etc you'll need some assembly anyway, sooner or later.

Have you coded in assembly before?