[WTS] Japanese Yamaha CX-5F in good condition

Door sdsnatcher73

Paladin (755)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

28-06-2019, 16:56

For sale in very good condition Yamaha CX-5F (Japanese variant of the CX-5M, so 60Hz NTSC-J and 100V built in PSU). Conputer only, monitor and used accessories used for testing are not included. Will soon dump the ROM and run all reverse engineering tool so this machine will be added to openMSX based on this machine Wink

Tested and working fine:
- Audio and video working fine
- Game loaded from slot 1 and 2 (by means of CA-01)
- Side slot working fine
- Keyboard working fine (see image)
- Both joystick ports working fine

Not tested (because I don't have the required peripherals):
- Game loaded from tape
- Printer port

If you are interested contact me through your profile and send me your offer.

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