Help: Trying to write Disk with HiBrid

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Van hamlet

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25-07-2019, 12:37

I like the will not to upgrade the computer. Also I am a friend of stock devices.
I do own most of the FlashRom solutions but mostly use my MFRs.
But such a statement can cause a war of faith here. The best thing to do is to read this thread and then be as smart as you were before.

Van ToriHino

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25-07-2019, 20:47

RetroFletch wrote:

Yes i was lucky enough to pick up two really nice machines, ive been looking at upgrading the memory on the MSX2+ but it seems verry dificult and im not sure i wanna risk it, the MegaFlashROm cartridge seems like a way better solution so im probably gonna pick one up when my wallet alows it Tongue Or is there a reason to go with the Carnivore instead? I dont really need networking on my MSX so i figure the GR8NET wouldnt be as usefull for me.

I only have experience with MFR and GR8NET, not with the Carnivore. But the MFR is by far the easiest to use and also more friendly to use with f.e. slot expanders than the GR8NET. One advantage of the MFR (at least for me) over the Carnivore is that it uses micro SD cards (2 in my case) over CompactFlash on the Carnivore. Other than that i think they are mostly comparable. My Sony 2+ has only 64Kb as well but with any of these cartridges memory is really no issue anymore.

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