Three versions of Vampire Killer

Door wimpie3

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29-07-2019, 12:19

Twitter user Tyr105 dissected three Vampier Killer cartridges and found they are all three different! But where are the differences in the game? See

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Van Meits

Scribe (5893)

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29-07-2019, 12:41

Bug fixes. But the question is: What bugs? Curious Smile

Van AxelF

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29-07-2019, 13:24

If i remember correctly, there are 5 different versions. yes all with bug fixes.

Van gdx

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29-07-2019, 14:59

In the past, I bought a version that sometimes crashes when the character moves from one screen to another at the stage 1 near the black panther. I had it changed but there was the same issue.