[WTS] Toshiba HX-MU900 and HX-MU901 Y8950 OPL FM synthesizer and keyboard

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17-08-2019, 08:54

In excellent condition and fully operational. The HX-MU900 features the Yamaha Y8950 OPL FM chip used in MSX-Audio standard. As is the HX-MU900 is not MSX-Audio compatible but software like vgmplay can still use it as well as MSX-Audio compatible games (by giving a poke command prior to loading the game).

Upgrade kits to make the HX-MU900 MSX-Audio compatible are available.

The HX-MU901 keyboard is fully operational as well. It is also already fully MSX-Audio compatible and can be used on the HX-MU900 (obviously) but also on the Yamaha SFG-01 and SFG-05 as well as the Panasonic FS-CA1.

Price is €100 excl. shipping. Contact me through my profile page if you are interested.

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Van sdsnatcher73

Paladin (766)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

20-08-2019, 22:36