I need bios msx2 + hbf9s with letter ñ

Door Josevil

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24-08-2019, 16:10

I read in the forum that they prepared a bios for the hbf9s with ñ many years ago but I passed mail and I did not receive an answer.

The only one found functional is that of msxpro but it does not have ñ (the probe in the emulator before recording)
If anyone has them, I would appreciate it if they sent it to me by mail

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Van SkalTura

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27-09-2019, 14:02

Maybe you can try one of the bios that you can download from the BlueMSX website.
Sometimes they have different country models available, but not sure if that will work on a real MSX also...

Van Josevil

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11-10-2019, 08:31

in the forum in Spanish they put a 2p with ñ included. thanks to everyone
the 2p of msxpro does not work is based on an English version and the ñ disappears.