Immaculate Sony CPV-14CD2 monitor for Sale

Door Soccer 1214

Resident (45)

afbeelding van Soccer 1214

25-08-2019, 01:53

Please email me at for pictures; it's complete in box and rarely used.

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Van kiwimsx

Expert (65)

afbeelding van kiwimsx

26-08-2019, 09:56

Good morning friend, I have sent you a several emails, please I am interested could you send me photos and the price along with the shipment. Thank you. ( :)

Van ToriHino

Paladin (731)

afbeelding van ToriHino

26-08-2019, 22:08

I think this is the monitor, which indeed is in great condition.

Van Soccer 1214

Resident (45)

afbeelding van Soccer 1214

27-08-2019, 01:37

Sorry; I have been trying to figure out shipping costs. That is the exact monitor; I even polished it up a little more. Truly immaculate.

Van deepshell

Resident (56)

afbeelding van deepshell

27-08-2019, 10:30

Since I recently bought a similar monitor please allow me to ask: which one do you recommend, the SCART or the chinch connection on this one?