[FREE] Philips VW-0030 Printer

Door sdsnatcher73

Paladin (888)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

11-09-2019, 14:55

In good condition and working fine, looking for a home and some TLC. The paper feeder has one clip broken off (so it does not click into the printer on the right side) but it does not affect operation. Comes with an MSX printer cable, HB-F1XD not included (sorry Wink).

Price is €0 excl. shipping. Contact me through my profile if you want it Wink (leave a note here ass well in case mail function breaks down or ends up in my spam folder).

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Van wbahnassi

Expert (88)

afbeelding van wbahnassi

11-09-2019, 16:09

220v only... will be quite a hassle for me here in Canada Sad Thanks for the free offer anyways sdsnatcher73

Van sdsnatcher73

Paladin (888)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

14-09-2019, 07:47

This one is ‘sold’.