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Van Manuel

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17-09-2019, 19:03

norakomi wrote:

These demos will be shown ingame. And the images for these demos need to be drawn.

That's where I need help with.

But I guess it would also be good if someone could draw monsters and bosses for the game, right? Better than reusing existing graphics. However, as you said, better reused than none.

Van journey

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17-09-2019, 20:23

Manel46 wrote:

This FX player works well with FM and OPL4 music.

I LOVE the music from 4:12
The OST is original?

Van JohnHassink

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17-09-2019, 21:13

journey wrote:

The OST is original?

It is, but I made all that stuff like 10-15 years (or even longer) ago.
Here is a video of the music that got actually sort of finished for it:
but I'm not really satisfied with it anymore, so I'm thinking of creating all new songs for the most part.

Van ren

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17-09-2019, 22:17

Don't feel obliged, it's not bad!
And perhaps it has it's charm to stick with what you came up with back then? Perhaps just some brushing up, and/or some bending here & there?

Van valkyre

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17-09-2019, 22:21

It's a great soundtrack. Btw-Is the deva website still live? Just been looking for it

Van ren

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17-09-2019, 22:29

@valkyre: don't think so. Don't try to look for it, I believe it got invested with some malware...


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18-09-2019, 10:50

John, I like the OST as it is now, IMHO it fits perfectly with the game context but you have the last word here. What ren propose is a good option as well.

Van RobertVroemisse

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18-09-2019, 19:00

It seems like the old team is back together LOL!

But we could use some help.

Van valkyre

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18-09-2019, 19:11


Van zPasi

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18-09-2019, 22:44

norakomi wrote:

If you like I can send you the game, so you can run through it and get an idea of the atmosphere and style.

I could draw the pictures, I think. If I have the time. Depends on how many pictures you need?

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