WTB: Yamaha CX7/128 (or YIS604) with SFG-05 if possible

Door TuomoL

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17-09-2019, 20:29

I'm looking for Yamaha CX7/128 with SFG-05 if possible. Or the YIS604.
I'm not looking for mint condition over priced computer, but fine working device for musical experimentation. Smile

Reply below or send email. Thank you. Smile

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Van TuomoL

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13-05-2020, 18:17

Got myself YIS-805, but still looking for SFG-05 if available. Hannibal

Van sdsnatcher73

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14-05-2020, 06:24

Hi Tuomol, did you get the Japanese YIS805? /128 or /256? If so would you be able to dump the ROMs from the system with the tools from this thread and possibly also run the other tools (that way we can confirm earlier dumps of the EPROMS and confirm the slot layout of the machine to get an accurate emulation of it in openMSX).