Famicom Complete Guide Deluxe

Door gdx

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04-10-2019, 16:56

I saw a book entitled Famicom Complete Guide Deluxe. It's a impressive book of 482 pages which presents all that has been done for the Famicom. This is kind of museum in book. I speak here only because it may be interested people despite being in Japanese.


Do not ask me how to buy it by cons.

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Van wimpie3

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04-10-2019, 17:49

Would be cool to have something like that for the MSX. Perhaps based on the games already present on Generation MSX....

Van Manuel

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04-10-2019, 18:29

Have you seen how many games are in Generation MSX? Tongue

Van wimpie3

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05-10-2019, 11:26

Yes. Should be manageable on several 800 pages counting books :-)

Van gdx

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05-10-2019, 14:54

It would give something like that.


Van Grauw

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05-10-2019, 22:55

Nice coffee table Smile.