Best way to run Xak II

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Van sdsnatcher73

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07-11-2019, 13:48

Actually even for ROMs SofaRun will only need the SofaROM flashed to the Carnivore2 if the ROM does not fit in the C2’s RAM (which is 768kB). As far as I know there are no ROMs that big...

Van Meits

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07-11-2019, 14:06

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

(which is 768kB). As far as I know there are no ROMs that big...

Koei made some huge ROMs and there's a Korean MSX1 collection which is several MB in size (I can't recall the exact size since I threw it away cuz of a lot of doubles). So yes, they do exist Smile

Van siddy6581

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08-11-2019, 11:41

They are few, mostly homebrew stuff:
Inindo: Way of the Ninja is -1024kb
Aleste 2 (hombrew merged to rom) - 2048kb
Los amores de Brunilda - 1248kb

Van Manuel

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09-11-2019, 00:10

Royal Blood is also 1024kB.
And what about Pointless Fighting? Or Barbarian The Duel? Smile

Van gdx

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09-11-2019, 00:53

If you have a Turbo R, you can use HDDEMU. XAKII (version without copy protection) works fine.
You must just rename DSK files to XAK2.EM0, XAK2.EM1, XAK2.EM2, XAK2.EM3, XAK2.EM4, and create the XAK2.HED file of size of 1AA4h bytes all filled with 00h with an hexa editor. Only the first byte must be 04h (number of last disk image). HDDEMU is easy to use, and you can use a real floppy disk to save a game.

If you are using version v1.01 and you want to skip the demo, the demo disk and rename the other XAK2.EM0, XAK2.EM1, XAK2.EM2, XAK2.EM3. The v1.04 has a function to select the boot disk but I can not make it work on a partition in FAT16, otherwise it's Nextor that it does not like.

sd_snatcher wrote:

Tip: It's not necessary to concatenate the disks to run a multi-disk game.

You can just use use:


Thank you sd_snatcher. I did not know.

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