Snatcher (eng. translation) with Carnivore2

Door siddy6581

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16-11-2019, 15:19

Hi. I'm trying to start the english translation of Snatcher with SCC+ sound. I'm using Carnivore2 on a Philips NMS 8250. I've managed to install the game on IDE and can start it with PSG-sound. I'm also able to boot the game from floppies with no SCC+ but with memory mapper. When booting with Carnivore2 in SCC+mode I only get the title screen on the boot disk and then the game freezes.

Does the translatoin need extra memory? Or is the translation not fully compatible with Carnivore2's SCC+mode. I have no problem booting japanese version of Snatcher with Carnivore2 in SCC+mode from floppies.

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Van K72itNET

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16-11-2019, 19:00

English Floppy Version work fine for me

Panasonic A1-WX (MSX2+ 64K) + Carnivore 2 SCC+ Mode (Slot 1) + Memory Mapper 1024K (Slot 2)... Work Fine
Sony HP-700P (MSX2 256K) + Carnivore 2 SCC+ Mode (any Slot)... Work Fine

Have you tested in SCC (Normal not plus) + RAM mode with Floppies?

Maybe (but I'm not sure) he needs 128k + 32k (160k) for the English version

Van siddy6581

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16-11-2019, 20:36

Which slot is SSC assiged when using Carnivore with DEF-config?
I see that in Eng-Snatcher you can choose from slot 1, 2, and 3 as well as 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3? What exactly are those slots?

Van siddy6581

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16-11-2019, 21:42

Starting with floppies + only SSC and no RAM gives same results as using SSC+ config: Game freezes.
Starting with floppies + SSC and RAM will boot the game but I only get PSG-sound. I tried both with and without the expnded slot function.

Van K72itNET

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16-11-2019, 22:02

Basicly ...

The MSX have 4 slots and any slot can be expanded to 4 sub slots.

This is the your computer configuration.

The Slot 0 and 3 are system reserved. The Slot 1 is Cartridge 1 and the Slot 2 is Cartridge 2.

When you put the Carnivore2 in the cartridge slot, is emulated expander slot for use of the various component (Expansion RAM + IDE Controller + FM-PAC + SCC). So if insert the Carnivore2 in Cartridge Slot 1 the SCC is in The position SLOT 1 SUBSLOT 3 (1-3).

The problem with the English version is that if scc is found in the same slot of RAM and IDE-Interface, the SCC Audio not work.
The combination RAM + SCC not work.
In my Panasonic MSX2 + (64K) i have to use Memory Expansion in the other Slot.

The requeriment for the english version are:


These are the requirements (play from disk):

- Any MSX2 or later
- BDOS 1.0 or later
- 144KB of Mapped RAM (plus 32kb if BDOS2 is used)
- 128KB of VRAM

These are the requirements (play from harddisk):
- Any MSX2 or later
- BDOS 2.2 or later
- IDE or SCSI harddisk
- 192KB of Mapped RAM
- 128KB of VRAM

Aditional supported hardware:
- Any SCC cartridge (*)
- Any SCC + cartrigde (*)

(*) The SCC / SCC + must be in:
a) any non-expanded slot
b) an expanded slot that is not shared with the memory mapper or
the disk interface and BDOS or MainBIOS.

You ave 128K of Mapped Ram and expansion (with Carnivore2) in the slot of SCC.

I'm sorry but you can't make the SCC sound work because you have to use the Carnivore2 expansion.

You have two solutions:

1) Memory expansion in anoter Slot Cartridge (you use Carnivore2 in SCC + only Mode). Does not work with HD.

2) SCC Card in another Slot Cartridge (you use Carnivore2 in RAM + IDE Mode). Works with HD.

Sorry for my bad english :)

Van siddy6581

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16-11-2019, 22:29

Many thanks for long answer, and your English works just fine for me btw.

This was some sad news, but kind of expected. I guess I will need another Carinvore2 cartridge or memory mapper cartridge if I want to enjoy the SCC+ sound for real on my dear NMS 8250... Or maybe it's time for me to learn Japanese Smile

Van Manuel

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17-11-2019, 00:08

No need for another Carnivore cartridge, that would be a bit overkill. Just an SCC cart would also do (there isn't much difference between the SCC and SCC+ sound). Or get the original Konami sound cartridge Smile

Van Wild_Penguin

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12-12-2019, 09:03

I'm not sure about the second requirement in the readme. I'm positive I've played the English translation from a MegaFlashRomSCC+SD, with the game installed on an "HDD" (emulated HDD on the µSD card) on my NMS8255. However the RAM on the NMS8255 was expanded to 512kb. I noticed it indeed does not / can not use the SCC+, in case the RAM on the MFRSCC+SD is chosen (which means it is in the same main slot with the SCC+), but the game had no problems with the disk interface / DOS (Nextor) being in the same main slot with the SCC+ (as all were on the same cartridge; maybe I've misunderstood what BDOS means here?). Maybe it is only true with floppies or certain other disk interfaces. Not sure how / if this information will help with the Carnivore.

In case you have some other cartridge with more RAM, you could try that with the Carnivore, and see if it works. Try the carts in both configurations; I always forget which RAM mapper/slot the BIOS chooses for the main mapper, in case there are several. You can also disable the RAM on the Carnivore to force the BIOS to choose some other RAM, but it also depends on the order of the slots, so just swapping the order should work.

You could also try to expand the RAM on the NMS8250 if you are so inclined, I wouldn't recommend that for an electronics novice, though.