Burai - japanese text become blanks in intro

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Van Manuel

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20-11-2019, 22:43

Just don't assume that list is 100% complete and/or correct... Fixes are welcome Smile

Van Meits

Scribe (5942)

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21-11-2019, 02:38

Higemaru and Super Rambo have it as well... At least, non japanese crap... That's what I remember...

Van rderooy

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21-11-2019, 17:54

Just note there is a difference between games expecting a Japanese character set, and those expecting a Kanji ROM.

In case of a game expecting a Japanese MSX Character set, which consists of various hiragana and katakana characters, on a European MSX with the International MSX Character set you will instead get other symbols, like greek characters and such. There is nothing you can do about that, other then getting a Japanese MSX. Most Japanese games fall into this category.

Have a look here, for more information about the different MSX character sets:

In case of a game expecting Kanji, you can add a Kanji ROM to a European MSX. A JIS1 ROM is normally sufficient, as there is only one known game that requires JIS2. There are very few Japanese games that require the Kanji ROM as even in Japan a Kanji ROM was not standard until the MSX2+, so game publishers did not typically require it as it would reduce sales.

Van siddy6581

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23-11-2019, 22:38

Higemaru is one such games, where the text is turned into jibberish, but Higemaru also has English translation Smile I can't remember seeing it in many other games, but I have many english translations so maybe I just missed it.

I get the same impression of the Kanji Rom as well, seem more common for different education programs and similar. Burai 1 and 2 and Princess Maker is probably the only less obscure game I came across to use it.

...and getting a Kanji ROM btw seems to be a rather difficult task on english Ebay. Guess it is more common in Japan... or maybe Manuel's recommendation would be be better - getting an Japanese MSX, that way I would also be able to practice writing with Japanese keyboard. Maybe I can birbe myself with a Turbo R when I finish Genki 1 or something Tongue

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