WTB: Panasonic drive belts

Door Moniz

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17-12-2019, 20:45

Hi all,

About a year ago I bought new belt for my TR, but never got my drive to work (I have 2 of them..)
I knew one was working before, so I hope it was just the belt I bought.
now I have some time again and want to try to get one of the drives to work, but: who has belts for sale still?

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Van Grauw

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17-12-2019, 20:50

For me at least, when I replaced my turboR GT belt several years ago I got two of different sellers (I think eBay), and only the second one worked. The first one wasn’t strong / tight enough to prevent the drive from slipping. So giving it another shot could definitely work I think.

Van Repair-Bas

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20-12-2019, 15:08