MSX in a row! by Mapax released

MSX in a row! by Mapax released

van PAC op 20-12-2019, 16:41
Onderwerp: Software

MSX in a row! is the latest creation by Mapax and as in previous productions such as Wild Puzzle or Dreams Puzzle this time they offer a similar game concept where player needs to put the pieces together by type and discover what is behind them. Everything 100% MSX theme-oriented. The soundtrack was performed by Jeroen Derwort (Jer Der) and pictures by photo enthusiast Markus Vordermeier (hamlet).

The game specifications are:

  • MSX1 with at least 64KB RAM.
  • V9990
  • OPL4

Note that, depending on the soundchip you own the soundtrack will be different. The game has just been uploaded to the MSX Resource Center download database.

Relevant link: MSX in a row! download link

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  • MSX in a row! by Mapax released
  • MSX in a row! by Mapax released
  • MSX in a row! by Mapax released

Reacties (8)

Van Pencioner

Paragon (1078)

afbeelding van Pencioner

20-12-2019, 18:01

Cool and nice one! Smile Would give it a try tomorrow Smile Thanks guys!

Van ToriHino

Champion (458)

afbeelding van ToriHino

20-12-2019, 19:27

Great! Always nice to see things coming out for the MSX expansions as well.

Van hamlet

Scribe (2981)

afbeelding van hamlet

21-12-2019, 11:39

I really like the soundtrack! Thank you guys!

Van Manuel

Ascended (16162)

afbeelding van Manuel

21-12-2019, 23:39

Very awesome! Great sound tracks, great graphics, very polished Smile Amazing what can be done with that V9990 + OPL4.

Van Manel46

Hero (524)

afbeelding van Manel46

22-12-2019, 12:30

Thank you. Keep in mind that the cursor is hardware. It works by doing EOR, with the background. To appreciate it in the emulator, you have to have a higher version than the 0.15.0 of the OpenMSX installed.

Van Randam Hajile

Expert (67)

afbeelding van Randam Hajile

24-12-2019, 19:50

hamlet wrote:

I really like the soundtrack! Thank you guys!

Thanks! Nishi

It was a privilege to work with Mapax on this production.

Van tfh

Prophet (2081)

afbeelding van tfh

16-03-2020, 08:39

The release of WebMSX 6.01 seems like a very good reason to add this game to the homebrew section of my site: