[WTS] 8bits4ever slotexpander

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04-01-2020, 21:04

Selling 8bits4ever slotexpander, used maybe 5 hours in total (almost new)

Price 80 EUR with shipping to EU or 70 EUR without shipping - i mean pick up at Nijmegen is possible. As i need money (otherwise i wouldn't sell this expander) i will not make hard reservations for Nijmegen pickup if it is not paid (sorry for that, but people tends to opt out, so i'd rather keed a list of interested instead of hard reservation but will sell to real buyer). If it is not sold before the fair i will bring it to Nijmegen even if no people claimed interest, for sale, anyway

Mail me at dedoogun [[at]] gmail.com and/or message here

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11-01-2020, 11:32