Yamaha CX5MII/128 Upgrade to MSX2

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Van Jipe

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16-11-2007, 18:21

the original CX5MII as 16K Vram same all MSX1 with 2 x 16k x 4bits chips

with 128k memory is 4 x 64k x 4bits

Van grit

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19-11-2007, 20:49

my fault and fixed, thanks!

Van AuroraMSX

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21-11-2007, 00:26

Van dicksch

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23-11-2007, 17:10

Got my CX5MII/128 to work. Found that I had a corrupted COMMAND2.COM file. Once I got that corrected the machine booted perfectly. Now have a CX5MII/128 (no clock chip even though all the parts are installed except for the RP05C) with a Sunrise IDE interface connected to a Hard disk and a CDROM. Since I have a single sided floppy drive the trick was to move only one file at a time on the floppy from a DOS PC to the hard drive. The second file would always be corrupted. Now with the CDROM I just burn all the downloaded software with my Slackware Linux machine and then move it to the CX5M. I would like to get the all the extra files from the MSX-DOS 2.

Van Maggoo

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13-07-2012, 22:42

Just got myself a CX5MII/128 (in nearly new condition !!!) and would like to upgrade the VRAM (don't care too much about the ROM upgrade). The upgrade seems fairly simple but since I'm a noob in soldering and all I want to be sure I use the right memory chips. Which one exactly should I be using and where can I buy those online?

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