Did Konami really used the intro of Madonna?

Door WORP3

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27-01-2020, 15:30

Listening to this Madonna number, I can only think about the usas msx game LOL! Did they really used the intro or is it just coincident?

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Van knm1983

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27-01-2020, 15:46

And this disc, if I remember , go on 27 May 1983 , another coincident ?? Tongue

Van uberjack

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27-01-2020, 16:54

We have a Samsung washing machine that I could swear stole map sound effects from Penguin Adventure.

Van Vampier

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27-01-2020, 18:12

Van thegeps

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28-01-2020, 11:32



Paladin (806)

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28-01-2020, 17:53

Smile2 Shocked! Smile2