WTB Gulkave, Hustle Chumy, Devil's Heaven, Aquapolis SOS, Megalopolis SOS, Birdie Try -Last Games to Complete Compile Collection

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Van Underscore

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22-02-2020, 03:08

What titles are you still looking for? I might have a few of these games, but I'm not sure if you already got them.

Van BitSquad

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27-02-2020, 02:40

Underscore wrote:

What titles are you still looking for?

Hustle Chumy
Devil's Heaven (complete or manual only)
Aquapolis SOS
Birdie Try (or Xevious Map, which I can trade for Birdie Try)
Adventure of Randar III
Mage Lulba Omnibus
Guardic Yellow Cover (I have an extra blue cover box I could trade for this box)
Championship Load Runner

Thank you so much! Please feel free to email me at the address on my profile.

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