Re: RGB SCART for Sony Hitbit HB-75P

Door Wlcracks

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04-03-2020, 16:00

Not sure why the topic has been closed.

I bought a HB-75P. But i have problems with the RGB. My Sony monitor doesn't like the sync. My NMS8220 works fine with this monitor in RGB modus with sync via cvbs on scart.
After some research there are monitor who need specific composite sync. There is a chip lm1881 that can separate composite video in composite sync.
I have these chips but i didn't have time to build a test PCB for the hb-75p.
Searching these forums will find some people have the same issue with the HB-75P, so be warned with only a cheap ebay or amazon cable.

More info here

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Van Meits

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04-03-2020, 17:14

Lately MRC is plagued by spammers who start topics like that one. There were already some spam answers removed in the same thread.
Before spammers were straight to the point and ran into our spam detection web before the post was published. Now they start on topic (in a way) and do their business in their second or third post.
The answer was given and the tread was a bit iffy, so better lock it.

We're trying to find a solution to this situation. We want to keep bad people out, but not kick genuine new MSX-lovers.

Van Wlcracks

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05-03-2020, 14:56

Welll ok thanks, that sucks i guess.