looking for FMV on sc3

Door erpirao

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08-04-2020, 21:14

Many years ago, in a meeting in Madrid we saw an FMV in SC3 + music module, I do not remember who they were, but they directly accessed the Philip controller.
Does anyone know where to find them or who made them?

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Van SjaaQ

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08-04-2020, 21:34

This was made by the famous group N.O.P. They have it posted at https://nopmsx.nl/realmotion/

Van inchl

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08-04-2020, 21:42

So Erpirao,... what's your question?

TraxPlayer by N.O.P. also uses the diskcontroller in a similar way to record and playback samples (with support for karaoke).

Van erpirao

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08-04-2020, 21:54