Hi from Argentina.

Door zxMarce

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09-04-2020, 01:10

Hello everyone, new retrofan from Southamerica.

I'm 51, and own several retrobeauties from the great 80's, such as:

  • Timex/Sinclair 1000 (working northamerican ZX81 clone, added 6K to make it a whopping 8K!),
  • ZX Spectrum 48K (bad looks, bad ULA [PAPER 4 for those knowing], bad membrane, otherwise working),
  • CZ Spectrum 48K (two of these, argentinian clones of the above, working),
  • Tandy Model 102 working,
  • Commodore 128 + 1571 (not yet much tested, from my ex-boss' son),
  • Oric Atmos 48K working, and...

A very, very nice and apparently perfectly working SVI 738 X'Press, the leit-motiv of my registration here.

I'm an electronics tech by education and programmer by 30-year trade. Started in the company being a simple door-to-door tech and then "evolved" to maintain PC and CP/M floppy drives (seen and calibrated several 8" beasts) and CP/M S-100 machines (Turbo-DOS), then changed to PC assembly and later Novell Netware installer, then became a (mostly-) BASIC programmer.

In the Novell times, we also had to get our hands dirty tweaking BIOS so they supported the (recently appearing) IDE drives (servers with 80MB drives!), so I know my ways around hardware. Also personally developed one or two discrete-TTL interfaces for my dear Z80-powered TS1000 and CZSpectrum.

I'm here to try to know more of the MSX range, and possibly enhance my recently acquired 738.

Sorry for the long history.


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Van TheKid

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09-04-2020, 08:04

Welcome zxMarce to the MSX-scene. If you have any questions just drop them here. By my experience there is always someone here who can help you with specific questions Smile.

Van Parn

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09-04-2020, 14:37

Welcome, @zxMarce. I hope you have fun in these MSX lands! I've never personally seen a SVI-738, but I think it's a pretty machine. Since it has a V9938 inside, it's relatively easy to upgrade it to a MSX2, if you're so inclined. What fascinates me about the MSX is how expandable it is, and the cornucopia of different kinds of expansions companies and hobbyists made for it. Of course, for the more nostalgic ones, it can give you the complete experience of loading programs from patience-requiring tape and floppies, and listening to sweet PSG tunes, but I'm personally a fan of crazy multi-expansions like the Carnivore 2 (a SD card interface with advanced audio capabilities) and the GR8NET (a true kitchen-in-the-sink cartridge, there's not much it can't do); I also enjoy a lot the many audio extensions the MSX has (and listening to classic video game music with @Grauw's wonderful VGMPlay software).

You'll perhaps think I'm being a bit hyperbolic here, but I'm truly enthusiastic about this stuff. Please feel free to ask around and just have a good time. Wink

Van zxMarce

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10-04-2020, 15:05

Thanks a bunch for the warm welcome!

I'd already been lurking the site pre-registration, and I would love to make the SVI a MSX2.
In fact, I already upped it from 16KB to 128KB VRAM (had the parts and the '738 comes already with that "fill in the blanks" mist). Next logical update would be them ROMs to take advantage of that. Hannibal

I also added some connectors so I can cleanly separate the backplane from both the Keyboard and Power Supply. Hate those hotmelted-rigid-flat-wire for the keyboard more than the Spectrum's membrane.

Another thingie I'd like is to have some kind of TCP/IP, maybe via the ubiquitous ESP8266 kits, dunno if someone succeeded, as the MSX range came waaay before the 'Net. Wink

Not saying to run Firefox or Chrome on it, but maybe TELNET, PING... SENDMAIL? Tongue


Van ToriHino

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10-04-2020, 16:15

There are various TCP/IP solutions for the MSX, for example see the discussion here. Or else this thread might be interesting as well.