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Door MudGuts

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13-04-2020, 03:22

Hi all.

I recently purchased a FPGA Zemmix MSX from 8bits4ever.

I am completely new to the MSX world. My initial interest had been the desire to play the Metal Gear and Snatcher games. Some YouTube channels have recently expanded my interest (ToughKidCST kim and 8 bit manshed (BG Ollie)) for after market music cartridges and home brew games. I don't have any programming knowledge but I am looking forward to playing vgm via different synth chips, midi modules, and using the MSX as means to access BBSs.

Excited to start playing.

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Van Vampier

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13-04-2020, 08:12

Welcome from your neighbor to the south (Cali)

Also feel free to join Ollie discord - https://discord.gg/uJR7rz

I've been playing with the MiSTer Platform lately (also a so called OCM) and I'm very impressed.

Van Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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13-04-2020, 12:44

Hi MudGuts,
I'm happy to see You coming in!
MSX-lands are wide and rich in adventures, so You should not regret wandering around!
Happy MSX-ing!


Van MudGuts

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13-04-2020, 17:51

I appreciate the welcome. Thanks.

I've had my eyes on mister development. I've been holding off but I am excited about the recent CPS1 core release. I'd like to see some focus on the X68000 core. I also recently found out that a core developer had initiated usb to midi for several cores (i think there's support for the a0486).

Van Vampier

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17-05-2020, 21:33

well the x68k core has been updated yesterday or so Smile