"El Capitan Trueno" not working in MSX2+

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Van Grauw

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16-04-2020, 20:27

pgimeno wrote:

Edit2: It seems that the cause for switching page 3 is that it wants to access the subslot register at FFFF for that slot for further testing, but that's stupid because the code itself is running in page 3. Should have used the BIOS.

Hear hear. I hope people are listening.

Van pgimeno

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16-04-2020, 22:12

I have made it work in the emulated FS-A1WSX by loading the program as follows:


The first &H83 is the slot ID for the location in page 0 where the FS-A1WSX has RAM (expanded flag set, slot 3 subslot 0).
The second &H83 is the slot ID for the location in page 1 where the FS-A1WSX has RAM (same one).

Van glufke

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17-04-2020, 22:52

Hi @pgimeno

Are you using what files ?
Can you share them ? Looks it's not the link that I sent in my post.


Van pgimeno

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18-04-2020, 02:33

Sorry, these were .cas files. With the disk version, it's the same idea, except you first break the BASIC program to choose which part, then for the first part you type:


For the second part:


Of course you can save them back to disk after the change, so you don't need to type it again every time.

Van sdsnatcher73

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18-04-2020, 08:00

Correct me if I am wrong, but these poke fix the game for WX machine (and ones with RAM in the same subslot), right? And it would even break the game on machines it was working on before.

Van pgimeno

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18-04-2020, 11:13

sdsnatcher73: You're right, but it's not a fix, it's a hack to make it work in those particular machines, similar to the POKE -1,170 which is also slot layout-specific.

For example, it also fails with the Al_Alamiah_AX370 (MSX2); this machine has all RAM in subslot 3-3, therefore the POKES should be with &H8F instead in this case.

The routine is hopelessly broken, unfortunately. If it was in page 2 instead of 3, there would be hope, but it can't switch the subslot for another slot while being on page 3, and it can't use the ROM to select another slot for page 0 because ENASLT does not allow it.

If there's a machine where the RAM is split between slots, and pages 2 and 3 are not in slot 0, it will crash for sure when trying to activate lower RAM, and the hack above won't help. For example, with pages 2 and 3 in slot 0 and pages 0 and 1 in slot 3. Fortunately that's pretty rare.

Van gdx

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18-04-2020, 11:28

The game seems work if you replace BLOAD"TRUENO2.002",R by BLOAD"TRUENO2.002": TongueOKE&HDAD6,PEEK(&HF341)TongueOKE&HDAD7,PEEK(&HF342) in the loader (disk version).

Van gdx

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18-04-2020, 12:19

I can no more edit my message so I post again.
The game seems work if you replace BLOAD"TRUENO1.002",R by BLOAD"TRUENO1.002": POKE&HDAD6,PEEK(&HF341): POKE&HDAD7,PEEK(&HF342) and BLOAD"TRUENO2.002",R by BLOAD"TRUENO2.002": POKE&HDAD6,PEEK(&HF341): POKE&HDAD7,PEEK(&HF342) in the loaders (disk version).

Van Gig71

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18-04-2020, 17:29

tested with various msx machines in bluemsx and it works.

Van alexito

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19-04-2020, 01:08

Thanks GDX, Tested with Sanno SPC MK-III + Rookie Drive + MMM(1024KB) + MSXDOS + BMMS Ver0.4 + Joymega



The only problem I have noticed on my specific MSX Model and the Joymega used is when I chose the Joystick option on Main Game Menu the MSX JOYPORT active is PORT #2 when it must be PORT #1 and the Megadrive Joypad connected via Joymega (I own KMtech and Road Fighter versions) is working just at 50% because LEFT & RIGHT Buttons are not functional BTW I have also tested the (Popolon)JOYSNES adapter and it Works Great.

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