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Door Daemos

Paragon (1718)

afbeelding van Daemos

25-04-2020, 22:36

Yes the so called "abandoned project" is actually still being developed. Do not ask me what it is if you haven't heard of it before. Yes it is shrouded in mystery for reasons of precaution. Lets say that this project has like all other projects of the same kind, some enemies. Lets call them laywers and companies. If you really like to know what it is. Watch that excellent new video about the MSX that has recently been posted and your eyes will catch a very short glimpse of it.

Anyway. Because only a few know what I am talking about I can still inform you this way because you may have started to believe that I am no longer working on this thing. Well.. I already told you before that giving up has no existence in my vocabulary and indeed there where a few problems on my side of the private line as well which have been sort of solved.

The team is still strong but the nature of the project somehow dents our motivation. The amount of ROMspace thats slowly filling up is also a little bit of concern but we have still sufficient to spare.

I found a few nasty bugs in the engine that finally have been fixed.

O yes and all the worlds are finished. They are fully playable. We still need to finish that one last castle which is made out of 11 maps! Offcourse there is that starworld and a few secret levels which I will not include in this version. There will be a secret world in place however in the style of MSX secrecy. I bet that you will love it when you will play it.

The world map is being finished as of writing. Hopefully in a few days it will be completed and can then be merged with the rest of the code hopefully not leading to any terrible regressions.

So basicly whats left is two cutscenes. The ending. One huge map and a big boss and offcourse a few secrets. That means that we are now @ lets say 98% to finshing this piece of ^&$*&@^* game.

Then offcourse there will be bugs. many many many bugs. Many of which I will not fix and some which have to be fixed for the sake of playability. When that moment comes we would love to invite a few of your finest gamers for beta testing. The beta will be in closed style because of well... reasons. Then after that is done. Suddenly someone will upload this game + source code right here and I have no clue how that could have happened Wink

Now the engine is slow. It is very playable but slowdowns happen from time to time. Lack of volunteers I guess. Cannot help there. Still a good coder is welcome to assist after all is finished to help speed up the code.

Thats the news on the whole thing so far. Will update from time to time.

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Van Manuel

Ascended (16626)

afbeelding van Manuel

25-04-2020, 22:44

Great man, thanks for the update.

If there's something I can do to help, let me know.

MSX coding is not my expertise, but I do love playing this game and I have played it a lot on the original system. So I know the game well. My guess is the best thing I can do for you is test play a bit and report bugs. I don't have an awful lot of time, but I think the more testing is done, the better. It would be helpful if you have a bug tracker, so we can easily check which bugs have been reported already and whether they will be solved or not.
I bet many more volunteers are willing to help testing!

Of course, perhaps I can also help with regards to openMSX, in case you have questions or (special or general) needs that help you in development.

Just let me know if you are interested in my help.

Van iamweasel2

Hero (577)

afbeelding van iamweasel2

25-04-2020, 23:07

Great to hear from you Daemos, and its nice to know that your project is getting close to the end.

Take your time, we won't be going anywhere. Wink

I confess I never played this game, but your project is so cool that I will for sure play it when it is released. Only MSX can do these things with us. Smile

Stay safe.

Van iamweasel2

Hero (577)

afbeelding van iamweasel2

25-04-2020, 23:08

Forgot to say, you are making history in the MSX scene Daemos. Once completed, your game will be remembered as one of the top games ever written for MSX, I'm sure.

Van valkyre

Champion (435)

afbeelding van valkyre

25-04-2020, 23:27

Amazing determination. Well done daemos and team.

Van Daemos

Paragon (1718)

afbeelding van Daemos

28-04-2020, 21:46

Cutscenes for the fortresses finished. Had to brainstorm hard on how to do it but eventually came up with some clever manipulations to the engine without having to write a whole new special cutscene engine. Had to fiddle around with sprites and tileupdates in VRAM to get the big door to open smoothly pixel perfect.

Development is taking fast pace because of very well improved tooling all written in C++. Very nice automated spriteconverters and map converters allowing us to rapidly add objects and create maps using tiled. The new tooling also allowed us to ditch the last snippets of propriety code.

Learned some C++ along the way with that. Great shout out to Grauw for taking the time to help me out learning on how to write these tools.

Van tfh

Prophet (2232)

afbeelding van tfh

02-05-2020, 15:13

Thank you very much for your updates on this projects. It's one of the most anticipated upcomming releases and I am very happy to hear it's nearing completion. I am not the best gamer in the world, but if you're in need of beta-testers, you can sign me up Smile

Van Daemos

Paragon (1718)

afbeelding van Daemos

05-05-2020, 22:06

As of now The engine is like a 100% finished. No new functions are required to be implemented any longer. This basicly means its waiting for the worldmap to be finished. Putting all things together and make a start with big boss castle, star world and the special secret MSX world which consists of 3 levels. There will be some fun jokes in there with a unexpected boss because. well..... I can.

We had to compromise here and there because of sprite limits. Exit scenes from the big endbars are a tad different compared to the original. No stars but simply coins. Bonuslevel is useless anyway. I already received some screenshots from the worldmap in the making and I have to say its absolutely stunning. I already know how secret world will look like because I drew it myself.

Now work on the star maps begin where map1 will not be like the original. These very high maps are simply too buggy and I do not have the motivation to fix that. The rest will be true to the original. I have been without compromise till this point but it is really getting difficult now. The MSX is simply starting to show its absolute limits. ROM mapper is at $CA that without the new data which I will receive soon.

Final boss is going to be well... different. In a awesome way. The original is simply too terrible to code because of hardware and memory limits. Besides, hew deserves to be cool anyway. Hes gonna rock I promise you that.

If I find more time I need to look into the controls code. It well... sucks. The joymega support etc etc works but somehow is a hassle with the selection and all that. Early unexperience now made the controls a little bit problematic. Playing with joystick though does suck anyway because you actually need like 4 extra buttons. I will have to look into that as well. That piece of code need some good unification and adjustements. On top of that the original code is somewhat slow.

Ohw... and whoever donated. Thank you! Never expected that to happen.


Resident (40)

afbeelding van JGM

06-05-2020, 12:25

This is such great news! I can't wait to play it!!!

Van Daemos

Paragon (1718)

afbeelding van Daemos

10-05-2020, 21:37

Worldmap completed and merged with the engine source. We found a bug that is bad enough to make the game unplayable but I will find out what happend. The bug rarely occurs so its definetly something interrupt related. This fortunately only happens in the worldmap.

From this point on its as much as missing the boss and endcredits screen.

I looked it up it is 6 years from the first commit. Add 2 years of learning assembly and practice. It takes a full decade to build such a behemoth.

The next project is NOT going to have 150 maps and 3 million lines of code!

Now some code is written by others and by that they helped me out big time. These people saved me like 10000000 years of work. Thank you again. You will see your names in the credits.

Just a few weeks of patience and I will open a beta testing tread where everything will be communicated properly. We will first test internally because lots of things are well.... buggy and slow.

Van tfh

Prophet (2232)

afbeelding van tfh

10-05-2020, 22:28

Well, it's really good to see development is going at such a high pace right now. Can't wait for the result!

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