A new retro computer documentary about an MSX2

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Door Xiny6581

Rookie (29)

afbeelding van Xiny6581

06-05-2020, 11:46

Hi retro freaks Smile
After 14 months in the making. I am happy to present a new Retro Computer Documentary!
"The Untold Story of an MSX2".
This is by so far the most worked retro computer documentary I have ever done! It covers a complete story about a 5-6 years dream of mine. So please follow the experience and ejnoy Smile


Thanks for all the help guys,
Xiny6581 :)

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Van hamlet

Scribe (3084)

afbeelding van hamlet

06-05-2020, 12:17

Woohooo! Amazing! Great story Xiny!

Van Xiny6581

Rookie (29)

afbeelding van Xiny6581

06-05-2020, 13:06

Thank you very much Smile Was a joy to make it, considering all the deep diving I had to do.

Van hamlet

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afbeelding van hamlet

06-05-2020, 14:25

"The untold story of a VIC20" is a all-time-fav of mine, so it is such a surprise to see a vid you made featuring my favourite system.
This deserves a newspost on the frontpage.

Van Xiny6581

Rookie (29)

afbeelding van Xiny6581

06-05-2020, 15:20

Thank you very much for the nice comments and it thrills extra much you mention "The Untold Story of a VIC20" Smile
The entire MSX experience started when I was a kid and show me what the MSX is all about.

Van tfh

Prophet (2239)

afbeelding van tfh

06-05-2020, 15:32

It was fun to watch your "documentary" and welcome to the world of MSX Smile

Van Xiny6581

Rookie (29)

afbeelding van Xiny6581

06-05-2020, 16:03

Thanks a bunch Smile

Van lintweaker

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afbeelding van lintweaker

06-05-2020, 17:50

Nice, I'l add it to my playlist :-)

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

06-05-2020, 21:09

What exactly was the NTSC mod? ROM hack so that it boots in 60Hz mode?

Oh, wait, I guess the MSX2+ mod (VDP + ROMs) did that...

As it's an MSX2/2+ you can just switch to 50Hz with a simple command... you didn't know?

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

06-05-2020, 21:44

Would be nice to mention what the actual command is Manuel Smile.

VDP(10)=2 in MSX-BASIC.

I also think that the SCART cable maybe only has the composite video wires in it, because 60 Hz shouldn’t be an issue for an RGB connection…? The picture on the TV doesn’t look really sharp which adds to my suspicion about composite video.

Anyway, nice to hear your story, and glad you’re enjoying your MSX! Smile There is so much to explore.

Van Meits

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afbeelding van Meits

06-05-2020, 21:47

this machine runs f1 spirit at 50Hz so no mod on that behalve.

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