Konami Game Collection menu translation

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06-05-2020, 18:28

A few weeks ago I finally made images of my ancient MSX floppies and had a look at what I actually got. I also started exploring the web to see the current MSX status and I'm happy to see there still is an active community.

One thing I was particularly pleased to find was the large amount of translated games. Twenty years ago there were a few translated RPG's and I remember buying the Solid Snake translation on a fair. But you guys have been busy since!

However, I couldn't find translations for the Konami Game Collection disks. Probably because most people prefer the extracted roms. It made me a bit curious. Would it be hard to translate the menus? So I had a look at the code, left it for a few days, came back to it and before I knew it I mastered a few tricks of the Konami menu program. And I managed to translate it. After the first one had been done, the others were easy.

It was fun. I found out I can still read z80 assembly. I still remembered how screen 2 works with pattern tables and the lot. And I deciphered Konami's algorithm to compress screen data. I took Konami's own font, doubled it in height (I wrote a BASIC program to do that) and put it back into the pattern table. Job done. No code has been altered, just graphic data.

It looks best on disk 1-4. The special disk has more artistic menus with larger characters. Using the standard font only 16 pixels height makes it a bit more plain. But I didn't want to design a new font just for this disk and I left it this way.

Enjoy. It's my way of saying thanks to all translators out there who did an amazing job on all those games.

(I have uploaded the patch file to the database, will add link here when it's available)

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Van sdsnatcher73

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06-05-2020, 18:51

Cool! It is always appreciated to receive more translations.

Van donluca

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06-05-2020, 18:58

Thanks for your translation!

I'll have to check it out as soon as the links go live.

Van hamlet

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06-05-2020, 19:06

Jasper's translation is live now.