For sale, original MSX - MoonSound OP4 sound card.

Door Edi-73

Resident (37)

afbeelding van Edi-73

20-05-2020, 12:34

Sunrise's original MoonSound v2.0 sound card, for MSX computers.
Fully functional. Great and flawless midi sound.

Price 190 EUR + shipping. Worldwide shipping is available.

Payment: Bank transfer or Paypal as Family and Friends.

Here some pictures:!AorWd-vlW2iKgQQ192fXC1RVfova?e=y5qn39


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Van Edi-73

Resident (37)

afbeelding van Edi-73

24-05-2020, 21:18

UPPDATES: Delivery only EU area.