PCB for MSX Cartridge

Door mjnman

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02-06-2020, 22:56

Is there some PCB scheme for MSX Cartridge? i.e. for C64 there is the Magic Desk
I don't know if there is something. I would like to program some EPROMs with games.
I'm using a simple Philips 8020 Smile

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Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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02-06-2020, 23:31

russian beercrew (rbc) probably has some

Van meits

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03-06-2020, 01:18

Something like this?

Van mjnman

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03-06-2020, 10:37

Meits wrote:

Something like this?


Van Manuel

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03-06-2020, 12:36

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

russian beercrew (rbc) probably has some

Yes: https://rbsc.su/en/completed_projects/#0018_SGC_cartridge

Van SkalTura

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03-06-2020, 16:00

I was working on multi-rom cartridge some time ago that also supports bank switching, but that's not finished yet.
The multi-rom part works though if your interested...
(also several different schematics for Atari2600 cartridges, just in case your into other vintage computers)

Van SkalTura

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06-06-2020, 08:47

Here is the information that I have gathered for my project, maybe it's useful for you as well...

Konami mapper
Ascii, Konami, and SCC mapper
Eprom cartridge

Note: If you copy multiple games of the same size to the Eprom, you can use the jumpers on the Eprom cartridge to switch between these games. But only if there are the normal size and not need any bankswitching.

Van Jipe

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06-06-2020, 09:05

only the konami zemina mapper works well at startup
look at also this post


the others are just block diagrams
they do not start at the initiation of MSX
the final version of the project is here


it does not start alone but using the program contained in the file MSXRAM.RAR on the second page
the launch of this cartridge is incorporated into sofarun

Van Fabf

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06-06-2020, 20:10

Jipe's MSXRAM is Amazing and Sofarun support it.