Print from msx using printer port to network printer?

Door popolon_

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11-06-2020, 14:11

Is there any projects/adapters(e.g. using arduino) to print from msx printer port to some modern network printer? So the msx would see the network printer as parallel port printer?

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Van sd_snatcher

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11-06-2020, 14:51

In theory, this could be easily done in the MSX itself, using a network interface. The hooks HLPTO and HLPTS allow the printer output to be redirected to wherever you want.

That's what I love the most about this standard. Most of the work can be done by itself, just redirecting things. Smile

Van roadfighter

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10-12-2020, 17:15

Using the Gr8net or the BadCat wifi adapter for printing? Would be nice, maybe it could be implemented in the firmware?
Redirecting the &h90,x and &H91,x from the to a file or network printer.
Or this might be a solution, but that is by Rasberry Pi. ->
This is a piece i copied out of my email correspondence with the reproprinter guys.


I don't know anything about MSX computers - but basically the device
(currently) will connect to anything with a centronics port and it can
work with programs sending (a) plain text, (b) Epson printer codes
(ESC/P and ESC/P2) and (c) HP printer codes (PCL5 and PCL 6). We are
also considering how best to offer an option with a serial port
The converted data is output using the standard CUPs printer on Linux -
so yes, you can use a network printer (or any other printer which the
Raspberry Pi can talk to).

I think this should work with a MSX to?