Vampire Killer OST on the Commodore 64

Door Mr.Mouse

Resident (61)

afbeelding van Mr.Mouse

26-06-2020, 23:15

We did it again, this time I converted the Vampire Killer track to the SID. :)
I also added a nice bonus track, the awesome Six Miles High composed by Gasman in 2005 for the ZX Spectrum, that was used a year later in the indie game Night City on the MSX.

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Van rolandve

Master (254)

afbeelding van rolandve

27-06-2020, 12:33

Sounds good! This proves, how versatile the SID still is.

Van Mr.Mouse

Resident (61)

afbeelding van Mr.Mouse

28-06-2020, 11:47

Thanks !

Van ToriHino

Paladin (727)

afbeelding van ToriHino

28-06-2020, 12:58

The sounds are indeed almost spot on Cool. Very nice.