WTB: MSX2 or MSX2+ keyboard console

Door Laupert

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17-08-2020, 19:23

A MSX2 or MSX2+ is high on my wishlist, but I don't want to wait for christmas and what santa might or might not bring.

I'm not too picky, but preferably a keyboard console machine and not desktop. It would also be nice if the price doesn't require me to sell my house to finance it. Don't mind doing some repair work if needed Smile

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Van hamlet

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17-08-2020, 20:02

You are infected, Laupert! Smile

Van sdsnatcher73

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17-08-2020, 21:58

Unfortunately prices of MSX machines are still on the rise (so you could see any purchase as an investment). I have a fully repaired Sanyo PHC-70FD2, with sound modification and memory upgraded to 128kB with 2 working original drives. If you are interested you can send me a mail (my email address is on my profile page).

Van meits

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18-08-2020, 11:44

Daniel sells refurbished MSX2+ machines very often. And very often I ask myself how he does it for that low price.
You could send him a mail. He probably has a couple on stock.
He's a very good seller. I bought several machines from him and the after sales service was very professional.

Van Laupert

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19-08-2020, 13:09

Guilty as charged, Hamlet Smile