interesting Japanese MSX video

Door erpirao

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03-10-2020, 23:04

They have sent me this interesting Japanese MSX video
I apologize if anyone has posted it before.
It is very curious, it seems that msx2 was more successful than I thought, although the MSX-MSX2 migration was slow
and that turboR sales finally appear:
30,000 ST
7000 GT.

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Van Ivan

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03-10-2020, 23:38

Only 30000 FS-A1ST and 7000 FS-A1GT sold? Are those figures correct? Well, now I understand why even in Japan second hand TurboR machines are expensive.

Van mars2000you

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03-10-2020, 23:58

When you see the big difference between ST and GT machines, it explains why a third official Turbo R was never released (according some sources, a 3rd TR machine (FS-A1XT?) with built-in V9990 chip, so not fully backward compatible).

Van hamlet

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04-10-2020, 01:53

The GT was sold from '92 to '94. It is hard to believe Panasonic would have kept in in stock for two years, when only 7k machines had been sold in this time. However, nobody knows except Panasonic and they had fallen in love with the 3DO then for a while.

Van gdx

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04-10-2020, 02:06

I don't think we can trust this video. The MSX2 was not made primarily for gaming. The goal was not to compete with the famicom. Otherwise they would have made a more suitable VDP like Sega did for the Sega Master System.

Van sd_snatcher

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04-10-2020, 05:30

What I find interesting is that I've seen more than once (on this YT video and elsewhere) Japanese users commenting that there were Victor HC-95 machines being sold as MSX2+ at the end of its life, as well as some sort of MSX2+ upgrade kits for the older models, also made by Victor.

Van sdsnatcher73

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04-10-2020, 11:29

I can understand those figures just fine. I bought an ST (at release time, imported by Sunrise Netherlands) and when the GT came out I did not feel it warranted an upgrade for me. I reckon it was the same for most ST owners in Japan as well.