Problem launching already flashed rom in sx-1

Door _ThEcRoW

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29-10-2020, 17:21

Hello all, i noticed long ago that if i try to launch a rom already flashed using sofarun(v3 or v7) it doesnt reflash it, as it is the behaviour but when i push fire or space to launch then i got a blue screen and the rom not loads. If i use the forget last flashed rom option, it flashes it and start with no problem. Also if i tru to launch another rom different than the one flashed it works too. What would be happening?. Im using ese scc mapper on slot 2(internal mapper) as i have slot 1 enabled to use real cartridges.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Van sdsnatcher73

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29-10-2020, 18:15

This is for now indeed how it works. SofaRun does not really support the OCM or derivatives but it supports the ESE-SCC and ESE-RAM which are emulated by the OCM in FPGA. I never had these ESE-SCC or ESE-RAM but I suspect these actually persist the flashed content between power cycles (similar to the MegaFlashROM). The emulation in the OCM does not include this persistence of the flashed content so SofaRun incorrectly assumes the content is still there.

Van _ThEcRoW

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29-10-2020, 19:54

Oh, then is normal behaviour. No problem with that, as i said i have in mind the latest game played in order to not get the blue screen and need to reset the system. Thanks for the info!

Van Louthrax

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29-10-2020, 21:07


Latest SofaRun should support OCM and have "OCM" in the "Device type" settings (change that in the "SofaRun and default settings" so that it's applied by default to all ROMs).

Let me know if this does not work!

Van _ThEcRoW

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30-10-2020, 11:32

I checked the ocm option you suggested and it loads the rom instead of flashing it, so not producing the previous error.
Thanks for the tip, Louthrax!