Where is mapped "home" key in zemmix/sx-1 ocm clones?

Door _ThEcRoW

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30-10-2020, 11:29

Hello all, i recently begun playing snatcher and there is a situation when you have to press that exact key. I have looked into the machine documentation and there is graph, kana, stop, select described, but no sign of the home key. Anyone knows where is it mapped on the pc keyboard?.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Van SjaaQ

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30-10-2020, 16:32

DIP-SW and Special Keys
GRAPH              <=  [F6] or [ALT]
KANA/CODE          <=  [F7] or [MENU]
SELECT             <=  [F8]
CPU Clock          <=  [F12] or [DIP-SW1]
Video Output       <=  [(SHIFT+)PRNSCR] or [DIP-SW2/3]
Audio Mixer & CMT  <=  [(SHIFT+)PGUP/PGDOWN/F9/F10/F11] & [SCRLCK]
Cartridge Slot-1   <=  [SHIFT+F12] or [DIP-SW4]
Cartridge Slot-2   <=  [SHIFT+SCRLCK] or [DIP-SW5/6]
System Reset       <=  [HARD RESET KEY] Fast or Long-Click (normal or full reboot)
Internal Mapper    <=  [DIP-SW7] only
Internal MegaSD    <=  [DIP-SW8] only
Blackout Mode      <=  [PAUSE] (only for 1chipMSX and Zemmix Neo)
Internal OPLs      <=  [PAUSE] (only for SM-X)

Is this what you mean?

Edit: On the SX-1 Home=Home

Van _ThEcRoW

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03-11-2020, 10:44

Yes, your last comment was the answer i needed. It´s mapped to pc home key.