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Door ren

Paragon (1751)

afbeelding van ren

08-12-2020, 19:04

A lot is happening these days. As a society you could argue we are pretty much at a crossroads, and we have to think / make up our minds about the future we want (for ourselves & our children).

The Dutch documentary "C19 The System" is ATM free to watch for all (donationware) till the 19th of December. English subtitles are available.

Have a look at docsfair.nl, and/or watch the interview with the makers (first) on YT: ktLlXgeLpWA (blbx). (Note: the interview w/ author Daan de Wit is pretty interesting as well in this regard.)

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Van ren

Paragon (1751)

afbeelding van ren

08-12-2020, 19:43

Upd: proper English subtitles seem just to have been added!