Just a general question about a Sorcerian

Door sixsixsixties

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27-12-2020, 06:05

Hi there, I'm a long time browser, first time poster.

Recently I've decided to purchase an MSX. An MSX2+ model at that.
I already have Sorcerian for the MSX that I've purchased a while ago because I'm a huge fan of the dragon slayer series.
But while trying out the emulation on blueMSX, it seems that the game runs pretty choppy on MSX2/2+ while it runs smoothly on the turboR emulation.

just wanted to ask if this is reflective of the actual game speed I'll get when I purchase an actual MSX2+ machine,
since the price range on the TurboR models seem a bit too steep so I doubt I can afford those. Crying

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Van Randam

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27-12-2020, 09:16

I played quite a bit of Sorcerian back in the day. Played it both on an msx2 and a turboR. The game uses turbo mode on a turboR and is indeed more speedy. I don't remember it being choppy on an msx2 but when I played it just now for testing it was slow. Maybe if you get an msx2+ with a turbo mode, the game could be patched so it would use the faster speed of those MSX2+ models (the turbo is not as fast but might be an improvement). That improvement has not been made yet, so someone would have to create a patch for it though.