How to enable SCC for Snatcher on BlueMSX?

Door SSJTrunks69

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05-01-2021, 08:31

Hello there! I'm new into msx emulation and I need some help. How do I enable SCC on bluemsx for snatcher?

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Van JohnHassink

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05-01-2021, 20:44

I don't really remember a lot about blueMSX, because it doesn't work on my last two recent PCs.
I think your best bet is to boot the game and then immediately insert a ROM image that has SCC (like Salamander, Contra, Space Manbow, etc.)
If the game won't recognize the SCC in one of those games, you probably need to find a ROM image of the SCC-I somewhere and insert that one in your virtual slot.

Van st1mpy

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05-01-2021, 20:59

I think you can insert special carts.

Van Daemos

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05-01-2021, 20:59

I know this answer won't directly answer your question but maybe you are not aware that there is openmsx. a emulator that works on nearly every OS and emulates all your troubles without trouble. Besides openmsx can run some very specific types of games really worth checking out. Wink

Van JohnHassink

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05-01-2021, 21:39

st1mpy is correct. Please follow the advice from st1mpy. Smile
Just select the SCC-I from that menu and you should be allright.

Indeed, you could consider also listening to Daemos and give openMSX a try, but I would like to add that you'd better also get the "Catapult" that goes with it.

Van SSJTrunks69

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06-01-2021, 02:09

Ok thank you, also I didn't use OpenMSX because it keeps crashing

Van Vampier

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06-01-2021, 02:57

let me know how you do that (reproducible steps) and I'll look into it. Also make sure you use openMSX 0.16.0

Van Manuel

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06-01-2021, 08:18

Yes, please help us to fix the issue by telling us more.