Paco El Bombas REDUX [updated]

Paco El Bombas REDUX [updated]

van ro op 06-01-2021, 14:51
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Early 2020 the game studio Physical Dreams released their Bomb Jack tribute game called Paco El Bombas. A platformer for MSX1. This week, the game has been redesigned and released as Paco El Bombas Redux. And, it's free for download.

Its creator José Luis Salguero, the brains behind Physical Dreams is known for games like Alien Confination. He has put Paco El Bombas through the pimp-machine and came up with a refreshing new version dubbed Redux. Among an improvement in graphics, it also has some bug fixes. Like the 50/60Hz thingy. A English and Italian version will come soon.

[UPDATE 20210112: English and Italian version added to the download database here at MRC]

relevant link: Paco El Bombas Redux download.
relevant link: gameplay video
relevant link: Physical Dreams on Facebook
relevant link: Physical Dreams on Twitter

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  • Paco El Bombas REDUX [updated]
  • Paco El Bombas REDUX [updated]
  • Paco El Bombas REDUX [updated]

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Van Pippo

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06-01-2021, 17:04

Wonderful, really! Big smile
Many, many thanks, Josè. Smile

Van Over Wiz

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afbeelding van Over Wiz

06-01-2021, 18:17

great game! I really enjoyed the first version, very playable and addictive, but this Redux incorporates improved graphics, changes in levels and some more surprises ... do not miss it !!!

Van M-A-D-M-A-X

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afbeelding van M-A-D-M-A-X

07-01-2021, 11:00

Nice Smile

Van wilsonpilon

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afbeelding van wilsonpilon

07-01-2021, 11:30

Great game, thanks!

Van tfh

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afbeelding van tfh

07-01-2021, 11:34

Thanks for this great release! Smile

Van sirelion

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afbeelding van sirelion

07-01-2021, 18:55

Really great game! thanks

Van albertuss1975

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afbeelding van albertuss1975

10-01-2021, 21:48

Sigue asi jose muchas gracias un pedazo de tributo con todos los honores

Van ro

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afbeelding van ro

12-01-2021, 21:39

Updated with eng rom