Philips P2000C owners here?

Door benji_975

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25-01-2021, 22:23

Hi guys, I managed to put my hands on a working P2000C, my very first PC back to those days. It is fully working but I'm missing CP/M boot disk and software. Anybody here can help? I would pay a fortune (maybe less) for those 5.25 disks...

Thanks in advance! Wink

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Van mars2000you

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25-01-2021, 22:43

Van benji_975

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26-01-2021, 21:44

Thanks Mars2000you, I already had a look at those websites and many more. Unfortunately I don't have the hardware to copy disks or make them from images. So, I'm looking for "already made" disks. Seems I found a P2000C user that can make me a copy. I'll update the post in case, so that if anybody else need it I can share the info!

For the moment, thanks.

And in case somebody has the physical disks, he's welcome!