VG8230 and 720k as Drv A

Door mauriceh

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31-01-2021, 14:15

Hello I am new to this forum.
My name is Maurice and have several kinds of Old and very old Computer stuff.

Digged out my MSX stuff again, f.i. the Philips VG-8230 with internal 360k 40/80 drive.
Also have a VY0011 as drive B but also a 360k single side drive.

As to use with PC 720k Floppy disks I like to attach a 720k to the VG8230.
So took a 720K PC drive set DRIVE READY to pin 34 and DrvSel 1 , Put a 34-34 pin cable to ext FFD port,
perfect I can read and write.
Put boot MSXDOS 1 in the internal 360k drive BOOT perfect MSXDOS
Format drive B, I get the option
1=single side
2= dual side
So select 2 as dual side format perfect. A DIR also seems to noticed a 720k bites drive. To see the free space amount.
Now I want to boot from that Floppy, after made copy MSXDOS and Command to the disk.
Set drive to DS0, but NO Boot, It hangs, LED is Lid.Off-course Pulled the plug from int 360k ffd.
If I in Basic V2.0 make a CALL FORMAT It let me not to choose dual side FFD.
It Reads "Use other drive to Dual side"
Ok so changed the EPROM DISK to a VG8245 (should have a 720k intern) But No Luck in
Booting from that Drive A.

With org ROM and drive B the 720k I can select option 2 -2 sides but get an error"Bad Parameter".

What change of ROMs do I have to make to make drive A a 720K and Bootable?


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Van Briqunullus

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31-01-2021, 16:28

It should work with a new diskrom. The original diskrom will never support a 720k drive as A, only as B. It doesn't matter if drives are connected internally or externally, though for a 720k internal drive the connector needs to be modified.

Van Meits

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31-01-2021, 16:40

In a vg8235 just the diskrom isn't enough. I've never seen the 8230 fix, but it's probably a lot alike.

Van Repair-Bas

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03-02-2021, 18:52

In a 8230 is a little mod needed, not the same as a 8235/00