Looking for Salamander (EUR)

Door Metalion

Paragon (1625)

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26-02-2021, 12:57


I'm looking for Salamander, european version.
Must have box and inlay, preferably with manual if possible.
The box must be in very good/good condition.

Thank you.

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Van Fresh

Master (179)

afbeelding van Fresh

26-02-2021, 18:21

I have a structurally very nice box, but the AMA on the sides are missing. The rest of the box looks great, almost no wear.

Van Metalion

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27-02-2021, 10:12

What is the "AMA" ?

Van wbahnassi

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27-02-2021, 14:30

sal_AMA_nder Smile

Van Gloriou

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07-03-2021, 18:49

very well described Wink

Van andallaco

Master (156)

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31-03-2021, 13:05

i found a taiwan Salamander x Msx cartridge, what changes? does it work in our msx2 europe?


Expert (90)

afbeelding van MDDRED

31-03-2021, 19:43

see here if it helps you


The ROM for the Japanese and European editions are identical. The games story line will be in Japanese on a Japanese MSX and in English otherwise.