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Door jepmsx

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26-03-2021, 11:10

I would like to know which games have a version for MSX1 and for MSX2.
I know that there is Nemesis3 which depending on the version of the MSX you can see different coloring.
Or King's Valley 2 that has a different cartridge for MSX1 and MSX2.
Are there other games with these characteristics?

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Van MsxKun

Paragon (1112)

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26-03-2021, 11:18



Master (139)

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26-03-2021, 12:21

Hydlide series
Super triton
Laydock in some way

Van gdx

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26-03-2021, 12:43

Topple Zip

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

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26-03-2021, 13:12

In case of KV2 you really get different graphics, MSX2-bitmap vs MSX1-tiles. Is this a condition? Or are palettes for MSX1+-games also acceptable? Because I bet that quite a few MSXdev'xx-games have some kind of MSX2-palette for MSX2 and up.

Slight detail would be that Montana John has different tiles on MSX2, e.g. an extra shade here and there. This can be seen at the blue title screen and in some of the levels.

Van ren

Paragon (1930)

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26-03-2021, 13:57

Some MSX2 games that use MSX2+ / screen 12 imagery (title screen (+ mid-game visuals?)) when available. Can't recall which Smile

Van JohnHassink

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26-03-2021, 14:09

Xanadu, of which the MSX1 version looks about 100x better than the MSX2 one.

Van Sandy Brand

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26-03-2021, 14:37

I think Quinpl had a couple of bonus MSX 2+ splash screens.

Van wyrdwad

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26-03-2021, 19:23

- Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family (different cartridges)
- Romancia (different cartridges)
- Pac Mania (different versions for both systems, both cartridge and disk versions exist for MSX2, not sure about MSX1)
- Golvellius (more of a full-on remake, so I'm not sure if this counts; cartridge for MSX1, disks for MSX2)
- Psychic War: Cosmic Soldier 2 (cartridge for MSX1, disk for MSX2, I think?)

Van hamlet

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27-03-2021, 17:23

Goonies 'R' Good Enough in a very nice way for MSX, MSX2 and 2+ and
Sky Jaguar 2 in some way for MSX and MSXVR.
Tales of Popolon has also different versions in one cartridge.
Goody by Opera Soft
Ballblazer - Activision/Pony Canyon
Bubble Bobble - Taito/Clover
Livingstone Supongo - Opera/Opera
The Last Mission - Opera/Opera
Nemesis3 (color palette) - Konami/Konami

Bomb Jack - SEGA/Kralizec
Batman - Ocean/FX
Gauntlet - USGold/AAMSX
Head over Heels - Ocean/FX
Who dares wins II - Alligata/Retroforce

Van CASDuino

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26-03-2021, 20:40

wyrdwad wrote:

- Pac Mania (different versions for both systems, both cartridge and disk versions exist for MSX2, not sure about MSX1)

That's interesting. I've only ever played the bad Spectrum port on tape for the MSX.

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