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Paladin (934)

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29-03-2021, 12:03

Randam wrote:

Yeah Xanadu is a PC-88 port sadly... (makes you wonder how hard it would be to make scenario II work for msx2).

Everything in the MSX2 version is so much worse than it could have been and so much worse than the msx1 version. That game begs for an remake. Xanadu is one of the classic RPGs of the age but the msx2 version has put me off of playing it. Which is a shame because the game is very good.

Why not just play the MSX1 version? It's honestly one of the best versions of the game out there, as far as I'm concerned. I think I prefer the MSX1 version to any other 8-bit version that exists. It isn't until you get to, like, the Sega Saturn remake version that you find ones which top the MSX1 version IMHO.

And it is indeed very good! And almost hilariously cruel, too. It's one of the most player-hostile games I've ever played, and I kind of love it for that. When you accomplish literally anything in that game, you REALLY feel like you EARNED it. Wink


Van Imanok

Paragon (1198)

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29-03-2021, 14:56

Mid-Garts has two versions too, for MSX2 and MSX2+ (the last one featuring H/W horizontal scrolling)

And from my own production, apart from Tina's Adventure Island which was already mentioned, I would highlight SHMUP!Kai. It uses a dual graphic engine (the MSX1 mode uses screen 1 and single sprites, while the MSX2 mode uses screen 4 and double sprites).

Van tfh

Prophet (3314)

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29-03-2021, 16:08

Stray Cat from MSXDev 2009 (The updated version) has a smooth scroll on MSX2+.

Van dan

Master (242)

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29-03-2021, 20:35

some koei's too: genghis kan or three kingdoms

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Paladin (934)

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29-03-2021, 22:10

Ah, this is slightly different, but related: there are some games that simply DON'T RUN on certain MSX generations. The ones that I know of off-hand:

- Hacker (MSX2)
Plays just fine on all MSX2 and MSX2+ models, AFAIK, but won't even boot on either Turbo R model. Just hangs on a black screen.

- Yaksa (MSX2)
Literally only playable on MSX2 machines. Will not boot on MSX2+ or Turbo R machines.

- Game Land (MSX1)
Only playable on MSX1 machines. Boots on later generations, but the graphics are heavily corrupted and the game is basically nonfunctional (it responds to inputs, but is severely bugged and won't progress far).

- King & Balloon (MSX1)
Only playable on MSX1 machines. Boots on later generations, but will not respond to inputs, so all you can do is watch the attract mode.

I swear there was one other one I encountered, but I can't think of it right now. I'll post again if I do.

Also note, I have no idea how the MSXVR or other after-market MSX systems may react to these games. I'd be curious to find out, though! In a way, games like this may be the ultimate test of the MSXVR's versatility, since you can't really say the system is 100% compatible with the MSX's library if it can't handle edge cases like these. Wink


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