Easter Egg hunt: Moai

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Door Randam

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04-04-2021, 08:41

Happy easter everyone; I was just thinking with Easter and all... What games have Moai in them? I thought up a few and then went looking. Apparently some dude has a website dedicated to this:

Link to the msx relevant part:

He seems to be missing a few:
- Maze of Galious (for instance near world 7)

And a picture of Moai Sasaki (Yoshinori Sasaki) who started it off the Moai craze at Konami:

Can you name others that are not yet on the list?

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Van AnsiStar

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04-04-2021, 10:52

Happy Eastern to everyone!
Stay healthy!! Wink

Van gingerbeardman

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26-04-2022, 02:28

Hi! I'm the dude with the Moai Games site.

We're currently at 566 and I'm in need of help tracking down the game on this page:

It seems to be Yoshida Kensetsu VOL 2 from 1989, but none of the screenshots or videos online of it show these Moai.

Any ideas?

Van gingerbeardman

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afbeelding van gingerbeardman

26-04-2022, 03:31

I think it's this one https://www.msxgamesworld.com/software.php?id=6397

But i'm not good enough to get to Stage 2 :)

Van gingerbeardman

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26-04-2022, 09:15

Somebody on twitter captured screens for me.


Van gdx

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26-04-2022, 09:17

About "Tokiniha shinju no yō", the right title is "Toki ni Ha Shinju No Yō Ni" (時には真珠のように).

There is a video here:

About "Surprised Moai", it can be found in the Fandom Library 2 cartridge. The Japanese title is "驚きモアイ" (Odoroki Moai).

There is a long list of games with Moais in the Japanese wikipedia.


There are also Moais in Twinbee (stage 5) for example.

Happy Eastern!

Van theNestruo

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26-04-2022, 11:09

gingerbeardman wrote:

Hi! I'm the dude with the Moai Games site.

Hi! Cool site Smile

Relevo's Snowboarding features moais in the bonus stage: https://youtu.be/w8ZZEQje3BY?t=2610

Van gingerbeardman

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afbeelding van gingerbeardman

26-04-2022, 14:59

@gdx thanks so much!

I've corrected the title for Tokiniha shinju no yō ni. I had got it correct on the unofficial port of the game to X1 https://moai.games/tokiniha-shinju-no-yo-ni-sometimes-like-a... so i will have leave the page URL incorrect for the MSX game... such is life.

I've also corrected 驚きモアイ (Odoroki Moai, Surprise Moai)

Twinbee MSX is already catalogued. And I'll read the Japanese wiki page.

@theNestruo added — thanks!

Van gingerbeardman

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afbeelding van gingerbeardman

26-04-2022, 17:56

One I can't find from the wiki article

The Pro Yakyū Gekitotsu: Pennant Race/THE Professional Baseball Crash Pennant Race (substitute on team DARKS)

Non-MSX unconfirmed games are at

Van Imanok

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26-04-2022, 23:22

There's a moai stage at Gradius III Legends too:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1BUTXrTmlY (at 7:42)

This game was made with Yoshida Kensetsu game editor (just like Super Zelixer)

Van mcolom

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26-04-2022, 23:33

Uhm, isn't it a moai in Stevedore's charset (the first one)? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/theNestruo/msx-stevedore/m...
I don't remember if I've really seen it during gameplay... Or perhaps it's not a moai at all and I have too much imagination :)

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