Easter Egg hunt: Moai

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Van sdsnatcher73

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27-04-2022, 06:53

If that’s not a moai I don’t know what is Wink

Van theNestruo

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27-04-2022, 09:11

mcolom wrote:

Uhm, isn't it a moai in Stevedore's charset (the first one)? (...) I don't remember if I've really seen it during gameplay...

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

If that’s not a moai I don’t know what is Wink

Yes, it is a moai Smile

Moais in Stevedore can be seen in stage 13 (https://youtu.be/pQXGV7ZYk3I?t=666), and then again in stages 32 and 33. I had one (1) unused char in the charset, so I decided to pay homage to all those classic games :)

Van BlueCrystal

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02-05-2022, 15:30

Having seen these Moai in my childhood games, surely lead to the fact one is now overlooking my fish pond.

Van gingerbeardman

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03-10-2022, 23:25

Thanks for the recent additions! I've added them with credit to the lucky finders.

I found a couple recently in SUPER 0-1, yet another doujin shmup made with Yoshida Kensetsu game editor. https://moai.games/super-0-1/

I'm still searching for more... ????

The Pro Yakyū Gekitotsu: Pennant Race/THE Professional Baseball Crash Pennant Race (substitute on team DARKS)

Konami's Uranai Sensation

Any help appreciated!

Van gingerbeardman

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04-10-2022, 18:10

I managed to fumble my way through a game of baseball until the 4th batter was playing:

もあい (Moai)


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