A few chain reaction problems:) A370

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02-05-2021, 02:33


I got recently an A370 MSX2 (Sakhr alalamyia) , and it got a few issues, which i contributed in making things worse Sad

1- although i cleaned the keyboard thoroughly and checked every trace, resoldered its ribbon cable sockets in the motherboard a few letters refused to work which are ( 2 , u , e , esc) those that i remember at least, its not the ribbon pads inside as i get multimeter readings when i press those buttons .. any clues ?

2- i sprayed some contacts cleaner, near the large IC maybe its the cpu ( just behind the av ports) due to some rust, BA-team didn't allow it to dry carefully, started it , since then iam getting thick white dots like in the programs menu , they disappear if i select basic , word processor, or calender, however they are causing corruption in the paint software , the arabic letters are messed up, what have i destroyed?

3- are there any compatible disk drives which i can mod to work here ?


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02-05-2021, 12:50

The menu screen :(